About us

We're the specialists in rubber matting.

Be it grass or snow; we've got them covered.

We believe in the strength of the existing ground beneath our feet, and seek to fortify it rather than fight it. If we think of pathing and ground coverage, our minds often go to concrete or surface coverings like sand, woodchip, tiles, or wood.

Our rubber surfacing allows the ground beneath us to breath.

Our Vision

Promote the widespread circulation and appreciation of rubber mats throughout Europe and worldwide, fostering greater awareness of their numerous advantages. By advocating for their multifaceted applications and benefits, we aim to enhance their utilisation in various industries and everyday settings. By spreading the knowledge and benefits of rubber mats, we endeavour to create a safer, more comfortable, and environmentally responsible world, where the advantages of this remarkable product extend far beyond Europe, making a positive impact on a global scale.

Our Mission

Our goal is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of top-quality rubber matting products, excelling in availability, reliability, and expertise. We are committed to surpassing customer expectations by ensuring that our extensive range of rubber matting solutions is readily accessible to meet diverse needs and demands.

We prioritise maintaining a robust and well-managed inventory, guaranteeing that our customers can easily find the ideal rubber matting product they require, precisely when they need it. Our dedication to availability means that we continually assess market trends and customer preferences, enabling us to anticipate and fulfil emerging requirements promptly.

Reliability is at the core of our commitment. We strive to deliver consistent and exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards. Customers can rely on us for dependable and long-lasting solutions across various industries and applications.

Expertise is a key pillar of our mission to become the premier rubber matting supplier. Our team consists of knowledgeable professionals with over 100 years of deep industry expertise. We pride ourselves on offering personalised assistance to customers, helping them select the most suitable product for their unique needs.

As we grow and expand our reach, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Solidifying our position as the leader in the rubber matting industry.

Our Values

  1. The environment comes first. With a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet, we recognise the crucial role nature plays in shaping our product. By embracing eco-friendly materials and production processes, we ensure that our footprint remains gentle on the environment. We actively seek ways to minimise waste, conserve resources, and reduce our carbon emissions

  2. Provide unparalleled customer service, ensuring the absolute highest level of satisfaction across product quality, availability, and expertise. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to exceed our customers' expectations at every touchpoint.

We have a wide variety of rubber products available.

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