In the process of crafting a play area within a residential locality, it's imperative that your playground layout incorporates the preferences of local inhabitants. This space serves as a hub for the entire community and a haven for children of varying ages, necessitating a design that caters to diverse requirements, ensuring both safety and contentment.

GrassMats Europe® has worked to provide quality rubber safety surfaces for home development projects around the country. Residential zones present distinct prerequisites encompassing safety, ease of access, and aesthetic design, all converging to establish a sought-after and secure environment for recreational activities.

When formulating communal spaces tailored for children within busy urban areas or in small residential spaces situated between or adjacent to roadways, prioritising the safety of children against potential hazards becomes paramount. The best surface for children’s play area sites has to take this into account with clever playground design with clear areas they are allowed to go to avoid cars and traffic. Walkways and paths away from roads should be durable and slip resistant, our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting provides the ideal solution.  

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