A key component of visitor attractions, including establishments ranging from pubs, theme parks, zoos, museums, and beyond, is the provision of a secure and captivating play environment. It is within this context that the significance of our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting emerges, composed to guarantee that these designated play zones not only accommodate top-tier playground equipment but also prioritise paramount safety standards.

With a commitment to safety, our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting has undergone rigorous critical fall height testing, demonstrating its exceptional protective capabilities even under conditions of impact from heights of up to 3 metres. This meticulous testing process not only underscores our dedication to ensuring child safety but also gives parents and visitor attraction owners the assurance that children playing in these areas will remain safe.

In this union of amusement and security, our RubbaGrass rubber safety matting guarantees that children can explore, learn, and revel in their surroundings, all while being cocooned in an environment engineered to prioritise their well-being.

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