Our rubber matting serves a wide range of purposes, functioning as an exceptionally versatile and flexible solution that can be customised to meet specific demands. Get in touch with us to explore how we can fulfil your unique requirements.


Grass Mats Europe® supply a vast range of products for commercial, industrial and leisure marine applications.

Agricultural & Stable Matting

Our rubber safety matting is ideal for equestrian surfaces. Available from stock and manufactured for use in the agricultural and equine industry.

Golf Courses

Enhance the overall appeal of your golf course by minimising muddy zones and significantly reducing both maintenance and landscaping efforts, leading to notable time and cost savings.

Outdoor Gym Flooring

The versatility of our RubbaGrass® mats extends to a wide array of applications, encompassing even gym flooring.

Playground Safety Surfacing Solutions

Our RubbaGrass® installations present a cutting-edge approach to playground safety, offering critical fall height protection exactly where it is needed most. 


In events, or exhibitions our RubbaGrass® mats provide a clean as well as safe walking surface. They can greatly increase the comfort of visitors and significantly reduces potential fall damage.

Grass Walkways

Designed to safeguard high footfall areas from erosion, our rubber matting allows grass to grow through its holes, preserving the natural appearance. 

Visitor Attractions

A key component of visitor attractions, including establishments ranging from pubs, theme parks, zoos, museums, and beyond, is the provision of a secure and captivating play environment. It is within this context that the significance of our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting emerges, composed to guarantee that these designated play zones not only accommodate top-tier playground equipment but also prioritise paramount safety standards.

Public & Private Housing Developments

In the process of crafting a play area within a residential locality, it's imperative that your playground layout incorporates the preferences of local inhabitants. This space serves as a hub for the entire community and a haven for children of varying ages, necessitating a design that caters to diverse requirements, ensuring both safety and fun.