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Europe's Leading Manufacturer of Rubber Matting

Heavy Duty Honeycomb RubbaSnow® Matting
Heavy Duty Honeycomb RubbaSnow® Matting

We've got it covered.

Manufactured exclusively by Grass Mats EU, RubbaGrass® and RubbaSnow® provide superior safety, durability, and versatility.

Whether it's protection against soil erosion or trips and falls, our rubber matting provides a low cost way of providing ground coverage over large area. Perfect for events, playgrounds, and any other large areas.

Wye Matting
Wye Matting

We're on a roll!

Simply roll out the matting (with a ground reinforcement mesh if you want to protect against waterlogged soil) and fix it in place with pegs and ties provided.

Installation couldn't be simpler! For temporary implementations, the matting is quick and easy to roll out (especially compared to solutions like large metal coverings). For long term protective needs, grass simply grows through the mesh and can be mowed as normal.

Because your grass mat-ters

The grass really is greener