RubbaGrass®, an Excellent Playground Safety Surface


With a tested fall height of over 3 metres, it comes as no surprise that RubbaGrass® makes for a brilliant play area safety surface!

The best part? You wouldn't even know it was there!

Swing in a children's play area, protected by RubbaGrass®.
Swing in a children's play area, protected by RubbaGrass®.

Benefits over other surfaces

RubbaGrass® is safer than grass alone, more cost effective than artificial grass or play tiles, and requires less maintenance than sand or wood mulch.

Wood mulch and sand require regular topping up which can be a long term cost to consider when opting for them as a safety surface. They can also become a mild risk themselves (especially sand) by concealing sharp objects or animal waste, as well as getting into eyes and being thrown by children.

Solid surfaces such as play tiles or artificial grass are a great option over small areas, but quickly become too expensive if the area is large. Additionally, play tiles can become very hot, and even burn, when in direct sunlight.

Well why not use grass on its own? It seems cheap and there's very little to be done! The problem with grass is that it offers next to no fall protection, very important when considering a children's play surface. And a misconception that no work will be required, is wrong! Areas of high footfall will most likely require seeding and ground can become muddy in rainier seasons.

RubbaGrass® takes a lot of the negative aspects of grass and works with them to bring the best out of a good natural surface! RubbaGrass® adds strength to the ground itself (meaning less areas of mud), doubles fall height protection, and protects the grass against direct footfall (not needing to re-seed).