Isle of Wight Wildheart Sanctuary Play Area


The Isle of Wight Wildheart Animal Sanctuary is a great place to visit with family and features a large adventure park, a smaller Young Wildhearts play area, a wonderfully messy mud kitchen and a drawing house.

Enter RubbaGrass®

Our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting is like the VIP of play area solutions. It's all about hooking up these spots with awesome playground gear while locking in that safety factor.

We've made sure that these play zones are not just equipped with awesome playground gear, but also super safe thanks to our RubbaGrass® rubber safety matting. We've put it through some serious tests, including drops from as high as 3 meters. So, whether you're a visitor attraction owner or a watchful parent, you can kick back and relax knowing that kids are having a blast without a worry in the world.

With our rubber matting, it's all about combining safety and fun into one unbeatable package. A safety net blends seamlessly with fun, giving kids the green light to explore, play, and soak up the good times. All in an environment designed to keep them secure and having fun.

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