RubbaGrass® - Events


Our RubbaGrass® mats provide a safe as well as comfortable walking surface on any surface. Customers who use our mats on grass will feel the benefits of greater slip resistance even on sloped surfaces. They also provide excellent drainage and guide any potential liquid and debris away from the surface of the mats. This is all before we have begun to talk about the benefits that our grass mats provide to the surface below. Areas which receive frequent, regular use will quickly become worn as the grass dies and the soil begins to erode. Our RubbaGrass® mats are the only surfacing product which enables the grass to grow back thick and healthy.

Customers who wish to use our mats on hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete will immediately notice the superior safety benefits our mats offer. The excellent compression that rubber offers enable our mats to provide good fall protection. This feature can be particularly important in ensuring that walkways are safe all year. It is not necessary to fix the mats to the surface as the mats themselves provide a degree of surface grip. They are able to resist moderate winds and extreme weather conditions. However, we do suggest fixing the mats to the surface where possible. This will ensure that the mats do not move underfoot to provide additional grip and safety.

The fast and easy installation and removal process which our mats use ensure that they are there exactly when you need them. In some cases no installation is needed at all, simply lay the mats down and enjoy the superior safety they offer. However, the mats are also incredibly easy to fix to the ground. Simply push the metal U-pins in the ground around the outer perimeter of the mats and you are good to go.

In events, or exhibitions our RubbaGrass® mats provide a clean as well as safe walking surface. They can greatly increase the comfort of any potential viewers or users and significantly reduces potential fall damage. This feature is particularly important on hard surface areas where the risk of injury is higher.

During adverse weather conditions such as torrential rain or snow our RubbaGrass® mats can provide a significantly safer walking surface. The mats are elevated to keep them above any puddles. The surface of the mats also provides good gripping capabilities even when wet. In sub zero conditions our mats are able to maintain their useful properties, unlike PVC which can become brittle.