RubbaGrass® Installation


Ensuring Safety

Ensuring the safety of children while they enjoy their playtime in UK schools is a paramount responsibility. Schools must have the assurance that their pupils can engage in playful activities without compromising their well-being. Recently, a school located in the North of England approached us with a desire to create a playground that not only offered fun but also upheld the highest standards of safety. In response to their plea, we knew just the ideal solution to provide them with - RubbaGrass®.

Cutting-Edge Approach to Playground Safety

Our RubbaGrass® installations present a cutting-edge approach to playground safety, offering critical fall height protection exactly where it is needed most. One of the key features of RubbaGrass® is its flexibility, allowing easy cutting of the matting to accommodate complex shapes or objects. This adaptability ensures that the playground's design remains diverse and engaging for the children, while still safeguarding them from potential accidents.

Utilising Natural Impact Absorption

By installing RubbaGrass® mats directly onto the grass, synergy is created, utilising the natural impact absorption of the soil. As a result, just a single layer of this specialised matting provides an abundance of protection, granting parents and school staff peace of mind, especially when it comes to the elevated equipment used for play.

Integrating Nature and Safety

An additional benefit of RubbaGrass® is its sustainable integration into the natural environment. As the grass beneath the mats grows, it gradually envelops the matting entirely, seamlessly blending the play area with the surrounding landscape. This natural camouflage not only maintains the aesthetics of the playground but also instils a sense of harmony and connection with nature, enhancing the overall outdoor experience for the children.

Happy Clients

Thanks to the implementation of RubbaGrass® mats, our client was able to fully optimise their outdoor play area. Children can now revel in the joy of play, knowing that their safety is well-preserved without compromising on the enjoyment of their playground adventures.