Snow Mats

Snow and ice can be particularly slippery, causing problems for environments such as ski slopes, ice skating rinks, and anywhere that is going to have footfall during the cold months. Our RubbaSnow® non-slip mats are a highly durable, safe flooring solution for all weather conditions. The unique design of our non-slop mats features hundreds of individual holes which collect the snow and prevent it from compacting and forming a single large surface. This helps to increase the melting process as the smaller piles of snow take less heat and time to melt.

Safety is Key...

RubbaSnow® mats are lightweight as well as easy to install and remove as you need. This allows you to deploy the mats to the areas which need them most. By strategically placing these mats, you can effectively minimise potential falling hazards in entrances and walkways. The superior gripping capability of our mats ensures a safer walking surface for all footwear types, even when they are completely covered by snow.

In environments prone to snow and ice, like ski slopes, ice skating rinks, and other high foot traffic areas during the cold months, slippery surfaces can pose significant problems. To address these challenges, we offer RubbaSnow® non-slip mats, a remarkably durable and safe flooring solution suitable for all weather conditions.

The exceptional design of our non-slip mats includes numerous individual holes that effectively gather snow, preventing it from compacting and forming a large, hazardous surface. This feature not only enhances safety but also accelerates the melting process. Smaller piles of snow require less heat and time to melt, helping to maintain a safer and more manageable environment.

The Perfect Material

The natural rubber material we us to produce our RubbaSnow® mats has a wide functioning temperature range from -20°C to 70°C. The mats minimum temperature is more than enough to handle even the coldest winters all around the country. Rubber also provides superior traction compared to concrete and tarmac. This coupled with the unique design of our mats ensures that you get a safe walking surface in all conditions.

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