Swimming Pool Safety Matting in Schools


Ensuring the presence of safety matting in the vicinity of a pool, particularly within educational institutions, holds paramount significance. Our client's primary objective was to procure an economically viable, secure, and visually pleasing remedy for the zones surrounding their swimming facility.

Our parent company, The Rubber Company, supplied them with the ideal solution. The Wye Matting provided a simple, yet effective solution to create a safe and comfortable walking surface poolside. The top surface of this matting features a unique texture design that is unlike standard wet area matting. The textured design greatly improves grip without compromising on comfort, even on bare feet. The drainage holes and channels then efficiently divert water away.

Constructed from a natural rubber/SBR blend, this matting possesses the distinctive quality of compressibility underfoot, setting it apart from PVC mats. This characteristic not only elevates comfort but also accommodates wheelchair accessibility. Furthermore, these mats exhibit resilience against frigid temperatures and boast good UV and ozone resistance.

This matting is supplied in 5m and 10m lengths in either 0.91m or 1.83m widths. This enables you to easily cover large areas with a single roll. In longer lengths, the matting will remain in place under its own weight and does not require fixing or bonding. The matting can also be cut down to size to fit specific areas or around corners.

We are well-prepared to accommodate your custom safety matting specifications. If your specific application calls for variations beyond our RubbaGrass® or RubbaSnow® offerings, please feel free to reach out to us. We are ready to offer you a tailored solution to meet your distinct needs.

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