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Reduce Soil Erosion

Hot summers are great for our tans and mood, but not great for vegetation. A lack of rain has adverse effects on grass in particular. Yellowing and discolouration of grass is a direct result of a lack of water and nutrients in the soil. This grass is not dead however, once the rain returns much of the grass will return to the luscious green colour, we all know and love.

A problem which can greatly affect the quality and growth of grass in this period is soil erosion. A lack of water is causing the soil to become particularly dry. If you have been to any outdoor public event or busy area, I’m sure you will see large areas where the grass has worn away completely. Consistent and heavy football can gradually wear away the soil which greatly reduces the growth of the grass. After a period of soil erosion, the grass can die leading to large areas needing reseeding.

RubbaGrass® x The Eden Project

The Eden Project celebrates plants and the natural world, reconnecting people with them and works to regenerate damaged landscapes. With this in mind, they came to us for advice. The Eden Project holds a series of concerts on the site’s grounds in summer months. With so many people visiting, they needed to protect their beautiful grass and prevent soil erosion. The technicians and managers at The Eden Project know of the effect heavy footfall has on grass and the soil below. As a site of outstanding beauty and environmental stability, it was crucial to keep any damage to a minimum. The use of our RubbaGrass® matting can help to greatly reduce soil erosion.

As you can see from the photo of RubbaGrass® taken on site at The Eden Project, the parts of grass which protrude above the mats is starting to deteriorate. However, the grass below the top of the mats is healthy and will continue to grow. This enables staff to remove the mats when there is not heavy footfall to reap the benefits of a full and healthy lawn. The use of RubbaGrass® ground reinforcement matting enables The Eden Project to enjoy luscious grounds all year round.

The RubbaGrass® Difference

RubbaGrass® can make a huge difference to the look of the grass as well as the quality of the soil beneath. Our RubbaGrass® mats greatly reduce soil erosion as the mats hold the soil in place. The holes which are spread throughout the mats encourage healthy grass growth. The holes also protect the base of the grass which ensures that even heavily trodden grass can still grow.

That is perhaps a key benefit which our RubbaGrass® mats offer over similar ground reinforcement products. RubbaGrass® mats enable your outdoor space to be in constant use without fear of deterioration. The variety of uses which our RubbaGrass® mats offer, make them an extremely cost-efficient product. During the summer months and periods of drought the mats can significantly reduce soil erosion. In contrast, during periods of heavy rainfall and sub-zero temperatures our mats can improve stability.

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